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Dead Cow Universe

11 May 2018

New website! Apologies for the site being down for the past 24 hours. Hopefully the new upgrades in regards to the server and format prove to be worth it.

13 Apr 2018

Released Drilling for Mayor by Verb Skull! This song was written, recorded and released within less than 24 hours.

12 Apr 2018

Released The Clock Song by Tiny Men With Forks. Written nearly two decades ago but recently recorded.

25 Jun 2003

Made a new arcade intro thingy.. I'm not completely done with it right now, but it's in a decent enough state to appear on this site.. also I updated what was "Paper Chris" in the arcade section to "Paper Tim & Chris.." you know.. so uh, you can have twice the fun.. or something. Anyhow, enjoy the upgrade to the arcade section. Enjoy!!

6 Jun 2003

Added the "Classic" section of the website and all the movie pages contained within (well, all except Genesis, waiting for Tim to get info about it to me being that its really Tim's movie..) anyhow, enjoy!

5 May 2003

Updated the arcade with Person With A Disability Man, which is a pacman clone. Currently working on other sections of the website, no other new news yet...

3 May 2003

Most sections on the website are working now (aside from all important three movies sections, which should be up soon). Upgraded Attack of the Killer Hamsters from Outer Space, the new version of the game now includes a giant laser on the screen.. more upgrades to come soon to that game as modifications become available. Hopefully soon other more kick ass and uh, game like games will be appearing in the arcade within the next few months. Anyhow, enjoy!

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