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How the Cow Died

A brief history of Dead Cow Universe

Dead Cow Universe was founded in 1998 by Jared Asher and Christopher E. Bell with one sole purpose in mind: “let's blow shit up and film it.” After shooting the short movie Planet Mute, Christopher was able to trick his friend Tim DeMoor into joining in on the mayhem. Dead Cow Universe would then become the vehicle by which these two would plain to inflict upon the world their brand of moving pictures with sound. Dead Cow Universe would go on to produce a few shorts, including The Chicken Connection, The Man-Eating Monkey and the legendary Kung Fu Aliens From Planet Zero.
After a decade that only saw the production of a few flash games, the “cartoon” Killer Hamsters from Outer Space and a lot of aimless wondering, Tim left to pursue a career as a graphic artists.

Sometime later around 2010 and 2012, Dead Cow Universe released a remastered version of the Killer Hamsters from Outer Space animation along with the Obscure Reference EP by Tiny Men With Forks.
Dead Cow Universe has released the PC game Attack of the Killer Hamsters from Outer Space along with numerous chiptune/fakebit albums by Rejected Ninja.

Dead Cow Universe continues to work on developing entertainment stuff so you don't have to!


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